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The L.O.V.E. WIN(d)S Series

Lessons Of Valued Experiences

a CommUnity Concert
Health & Wellness Initiative
"Curated Concerts on Ancestral Lands"

Wellness Interconnection Narrative Direction Synergy

The Inaugural Date: May 21, 2022
on St. Helena Island, SC

The initiative began as an idea and gained momentum with a small intimate and magical experience of cultural island energy, food, music and the deep richness of flowing MELODIC WINDS and WATERS of our Gullah African Ancestral Roots on St. Helena Island.

The series launched with a beachfront concert by Mahoganëë, co-founder of Responsible ARTistry a lyrical storyteller who has crafted Soulful Songs of Social Justice, Geneaology, Southern Food, Black Land, Black Love and Black Excellence. Music to incite Healing Conversations. 
Photo by Mahoganee Amiger on St. Helena Island SC
The LOVE WINdS sessions are curated to relax the mind, body and spirit through
Music, a bridge to relaxing our spirit and
allowing us to get away for a moment

          Our EcoSystem:


The L.O.V.E. WINdS Series is the new primary fundraiser for Responsible ARTistry

in using Music as a tool to utilize our local ecosystem to be a source of 

Health & Wellness  in our community. Responsible ARTistry is a

501(c)3 Tech Soup Approved nonprofit organization

whose primary mission is to arm youth with the imagination to survive

through mentorship camps, artist residencies, workshops and classes driven

by fostering leadership skills, self awareness & reflection through Music.

Proceeds from our Series support the mission of Responsible ARTistry.

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Taken by Mahoganee Amiger on St. Helena Island SC

Through it all,

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This event was sponsored by
FY22 Partnerships & Special Projects Grant from

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