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Responsible ARTistry Sound Academy

Facilitated by 




Through Arts Integration 

: an approach to teaching and learning in which the arts and another subject area are taught together with the intentional purpose to make connections, foster creative and critical thinking, and develop awareness of multiple perspectives.

Our Mission: To arm youth with the imagination to survive thru mentorship art camps, workshops and classes driven by cultivating leadership skills, self awareness & reflection through Music.

Cultural Arts Connecting thru


Science. Technology. Engineering. ARTs. Mathematics.

Scholar Success Programs

Our Mobile and Virtual Sound Academy offers ARTistic,

educational and cultural opportunities to

build on your children's imagination, creativity and talent to gain life skills.

We offer creative conversations about setting goals for the future, leadership and

beginning positive self development habits now.


We Offer Scholar Leadership Skills thru MEE:

Meaningful Educational Engagements

  • The Art & Science of Recording using Technology

  • Vocal Production

  • An Academic Approach to SongWriting - Poetry

  • Sound Engineer - Sound Creation

  • ANTI-BULLYING MESSAGE through MUSIC PPE Positive Peer Engagement

  •  A cross-cultural side-by-side interactive program of the

traditional West African roots of rhythm and culture, influencing the history 

 and development of today's music & culture

  • Connecting Music thru Math & Sound

  • Rhythms, Sounds, and Creating Instruments from Recycled/Re-Purposed Material

  • INTERACTIVE DRUMMING (workshop format): An engaging hands on drumming experience where participants become members of an ensemble by learning,        saying and playing basic rhythm patterns

  • CONNECTING LITERACY, MUSIC & TECHNOLOGY:  Participants work as classes/small teams creating an original digital media project (songs, jingles, PSAs) by writing lyrics, composing and arranging music, and recording their own voices.

(School must have recording equipment for this workshop)


For more information send message via our website HERE

Subject LINE :: Cultural Arts Scholar Success Programs 

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