• Official South Carolina Arts Commission (SCAC) Arts in Education Approved Artist in the Field of Music Since 2014

  • SCAC Certified Teaching Artist 2020

  • Official Member of The Recording Academy (Grammys) 2016

  • Recording Academy Grammy U Mentor 2021

  • Certificate of Completion 10 Hrs. Professional Development Extreme Teachers Virtual Conference

Saluda Trail Middle School (York County SC)

sponsored by

(ABC) The Arts in Basic Curriculum grant | (DAP) Distinguished Arts Program Grant

Day 1 Auditorium Performances for 7th & 8th graders followed by Q & A Session

Day 2 Songwriting/Song Composition/Vocal Composition Workshops 

via (ABC) The Arts in Basic Curriculum grant | (DAP) Distinguished Arts Program Grant

Photos taken by Christopher "Sancho" Smalls

Performance + Q&A
Song Composition & Songwriting Workshop 
for Project #MyOnlyHope

My Only Hope (Teacher's Instructional Track)Mahoganee & Andre Amiger
00:00 / 04:37

Video Sessions

End of Year Concert Performing the SONG #MyOnlyHope 
created in our Workshop written by Saluda Trail Scholars. 

Clarendon School District One
STEAM Academy of Learning

Artist Residency Jan-May 2020 at St. Paul Elementary School
Project #KeepShining

Richland School District Two (Community Partnership Grant)
Artist Residency July 12-15, 2021 at Killian Elementary School
STEAM Leaders Magnet
Summer Reading Camp 2021 Project #NoFear

In this week’s scholar success program we did

a “Music Mantra” entitled “No Fear”.

The words were: 

“I may be small,

but my voice is so big

I will stand tall

and I’ll have no fear. 🎶